The judiciary has issued a new conspiracy charge against Nicholas Ochs and Nicholas DiCarlo, the federal arbitrator.

The indictment alleges that the two conspired to prevent the certification of votes in the January 6 congressional election. Prosecutors say they planned and raised funds for the project and then came to Washington, D.C. and attacked past police and the Capitol building as part of the violence. Meeting, according to a copy of the indictment.

The indictment came shortly after the judiciary clarified that Pride Boys had taken further investigative action against affiliates related to the insurgency. The Pride Boys are a far-right group known for its clashes with Antifas and the public support for former President Donald Trump. The President mentioned them in the debate, Tells them to “stand back”.

On Wednesday, Ethan Nordian, also known as “Rufio Bunman”, the so-called Pride Boys’ sergeant in Seattle, was arrested and later appeared in federal court for his role in the riots. Federal prosecutors wrote on Nordian social media asking for help to buy “security gear” and “communications equipment” with the aim of mobilizing people before the January 6 siege, his charging document said. He has been charged with three counts of entering the Capitol, and the charges he faces include the names of several Pride Boys associates in the crowd.

According to a CNN analysis of court documents and judicial reports, 11 people have been charged with having links with proud boys in connection with the Capitol uprising.

Engraving a plane, flex-cuff and memory door

Prosecutors outlined that Ochs and DiCarlo raised money online as part of the plot so they could fly from their home states of Texas and Hawaii to DC for a pro-Trump event on January 6th. They “advertised” their plans, the indictment said.

The couple is said to have engraved the words “kill the media” on the notable entrance to the Capitol, Memorial Door. In previous court records, Ochs and DiCarlo were shown standing near the carving with their thumbs. The indictment stated that the damage to the door was less than $ 1,000.

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In all, Wednesday’s charge them with seven counts, including conspiracy, obstruction of official action and theft and destruction of government property.

One charge now alleges the theft of a pair of flexible handcuffs from the Capitol police – the same kind of zip-tie-like restrictions that the judiciary has focused on in other cases, where rebels may take lawmakers hostage.

In the days following the Capitol riots, Ozze and DeCarlow began to sue in court. To arrest each, the FBI described how the two were believed to be inside the Capitol building and how they could be identified in photos and videos taken during the uprising.

Five people, including a Capitol police officer, were killed in the riots. Members of Congress and then-Vice President Mike Pence were expelled for security, temporarily halting the debate over the election college results.

During the riots, Ochs, the founder of the Hawaiian episode of Proud Boys – Has taken a selfie tweet He smokes a cigarette in the building.

“We didn’t have to go in. I just walked in and filmed,” Oz said in an interview with CNN. “There were thousands of people there – they could not control the situation. I did not stop or question.”

Ochs ran a failed campaign in the state legislature last year and won Approval From Trump hopeful Roger Stone who recorded a video with him. In an interview with CNN he said he was working as a professional journalist when he entered the Capitol and that he did not go to any congressional offices or rooms.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times after Jan. 6, DeCarlo said he was also a journalist, according to court records. But he is not certified as a journalist by Congress, investigators say, and he runs a YouTube channel with Oz, and “wants to be an employee” of the group “MT Media News”, standing up for “killing media news.” Has confessed to arresting him.

Arrested in Seattle

Nordian, a 30-year-old Washington state resident, was indicted in D.C. District Court on a total of four counts, all of which were related to his actions on Jan. 6.

Investigators say he was marching in front of a crowd near the Capitol, next to another major Pride Boys affiliate. Joseph Pix, Who has been charged in recent weeks. Investigators also say Nordian was in contact with the Captain when he entered the city with Robert Keys, another man previously charged. Keyswine went into a window in the Capitol, which was first broken into by another Pride Boys affiliate, Dominic Bezola, who was charged in connection with the riot.

“One person gathered behind Nordine in the crowd in front of the Capitol was a group of individuals. I have identified many of the same people who marched behind Nordian, Pix and other proud boys the previous day,” investigators wrote, recreating the group’s attempt to force some parts of the crowd to go inside the building.

Investigators said they had no evidence that Nordian was part of an attempt by his acquaintances to break a window. They used detailed photos and videos to put him in a riot inside and outside the Capitol building, court records say.

Investigators described his social media activity before January 6, which included a video in the parlor two days ago in which Nordian said proud boys should protect the community and respond to voter fraud beliefs with the “original spirit of 1776”.

“We are coming back, we are coming to DC, we are going to take this country back. Your gifts, your thoughts, your financial contributions will do nothing,” another person said in a Jan. 5 parlor video, in which investigators wrote a letter to the court in support of Nordian’s arrest.

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Nordian made his initial appearance in federal court in the state of Washington on Wednesday afternoon via video conference. He will remain in custody until another court hearing on February 8.

Creating conspiracy cases, charging others

Federal officials have been revisiting groups in recent weeks – and are plotting possible treason – indicating coordination ahead of the Capitol riots. But cases are still moving slowly and at an early stage. No treason cases were brought.

Still, many proud boys members are already in federal court and facing criminal charges following the riots.

The other two Pride Boys liaisons, Bezola and William Pepe, The two in New York, are accused of working together during the Capitol attack, according to an allegation they made last week.

He is a member and organizer of the Proud Proud Boys mass meetings in Florida and faces charges in the initial complaint regarding his entry into the Capitol grounds.

In addition to members of the Pride Boys, a separate group of so-called right-wing extremists has previously been charged in a conspiracy.

In that case, it’s in the early stages, with Thomas Caldwell and Jessica Watkins of Virginia and Donovan Kroll of Ohio reportedly integrated before the January 6 attacks, and Discussed or attended paramilitary training camps.

Prosecutors say the three are affiliated with right-wing paramilitary organizations in Ohio and the Oth Keepers, a national paramilitary group.

This story has been updated with additional reporting and background.

Kay Jones, Paul Murphy, Marshall Cohen, Hannah Robinovitz and Anna-Maja Robert contributed to the report.


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